Flight Training Mentorship

A Wingman to help you when you need to talk...

Mentor: /noun/
"an experienced and trusted advisor"

Flight Training is a fun, but challenging experience. We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t though, right?! When things get tough and you want someone independent to talk to – Flight School Wingman is here to help. We have over 100 years of combined flying experience, including military, airline and GA experience. Our team includes former display pilots, airline recruiters and trainers.  

Much more than a Wingman. A trusted advisor and confidante...

Flight School Wingman is on hand to support you through those challenging bumps in the road that happen during flying training. We’ve all been there and now we’d like to use our experience to help you when you need it the most.

Who is mentoring for?

Any future pilot, whether airline or military, that is currently undertaking, or about to start flying training.

Here’s a message from Wingman Andrew which explains more about the friendly mentoring service that Flight School Wingman offers to all pilots!

Why should I use Flight School Wingman mentoring?

When considering using a “Mentor” it’s important to remember that a mentor should be someone with significant experience. Many people will claim to offer mentorship, but you must ensure that they have the experience to offer you the guidance and support that you need – low hours and low experience pilots, or those without the training to deliver mentorship are unlikely to be able to assist.

Our team of Wingmen are all extremely experienced pilots, trainers and mentors with over 100 years of combined military and commercial experience. You can learn more about the Flight School Wingman team at this link.

Confidence assured

When you use our mentoring service, you can be assured of total discretion. We will never disclose your details to any person or organisation.

“I can’t thank Flight School Wingman enough for all the support and service they provided during my training, especially Wingman Andrew. At times when I was struggling in my training, Andrew went out of his own way to provide amazing support and care which I am so grateful for. Not only did it help massively, but I went on to pass my final test. Very thankful for the Flight School Wingman team and I highly recommend the Flight Training Mentoring anytime throughout your training.”

Sean – Flight Training Mentoring

What can I use mentoring for?

Flight School Wingman is there to help with the bumps in the road that occur during any flight training process. Sometimes, it’s good to talk to someone totally independent – a highly experienced pilot that will be able to help with guiding words of support and encouragement, some useful coping strategies, or just to listen…Here are some examples of the kinds of things we regularly help people with:

Coping strategies after failing a check-ride

It’s such a common thing, but if it happens to you, you are probably going to feel a little down in the dumps! Don’t worry though, Flight School Wingman can do everything from helping you figure out where things might have gone wrong, to just listening whilst you get out all of those frustrations! We’ve all been there and come out of the other side – we can help you do the same.

Instructor or Student-to-student clashes

It’s an inevitable part of life, but we can’t all get on all of the time. It’s not uncommon for personality clashes to develop and sometimes it can be hard to know how to resolve them. Let Flight School Wingman help you figure this out with some highly useful techniques and solutions.

Confidence issues

It’s not always easy to admit when things aren’t going to plan in your flying training and your confidence is taking a knock. Flight School Wingman is there to help build your confidence back up and help you achieve your piloting dreams.

Is there anything I can’t use this service for?

We can help with pretty much anything along the road (or sky!) to becoming a professional pilot. There are some things that this service can’t be used for though…

Replacing other products and services

You cannot use this service or discount package replace any of the other Flight School Wingman or our sister company, Flight Deck Wingman’s products or services.

Mental health support

We are not mental health practitioners/experts. So whilst a chat to boost your confidence or to listen and figure out a way forward is definitely fine, if you are feeling like you need more support, then please visit a medical practitioner, mental health expert or call one of the many organisations out there that can help. Here’s a link to the Samaritans. You can call them any time on 116 123 no matter what you’re going through.

How to find a mentor

Finding a Flight School Wingman mentor to speak to is super simple. Just head to the bottom of this page and select which type of flight training mentoring you would like – commercial or military. Rest assured that whichever type of training route you are in, the Wingman that you speak to will have in-depth knowledge of your training pathway and will be well equipped to help you overcome any challenges that you might be facing.

You will have the opportunity to detail what you would like to chat to your mentor about when you make your booking. Don’t forget, we assure you of complete confidentiality at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've been told that other flight school students can mentor me - is this true?

Some flight schools will utilise current or recently qualified students to mentor new students in training. This is a great initiative, but it’s important to remember what the definition of a mentor is – “an experienced and trusted advisor.” It is therefore unlikely that someone in, or just out of flight school is likely to have the experience to be able to advise you fully. Let our highly experienced team of Wingmen with years of experience help.

Absolutely not. A mentorship system only works if those that are seeking advice know that they can trust those giving the advice. We will never disclose anything, including your name, to anyone else.

Just as it says in the description above. If you click on the link to purchase, you will be sent a code that you can then use to book a mentorship call at any time, in blocks of either 15 or 30 minutes. You’ll be able to see how much time you have left whenever you make a booking.

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