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Flight School Wingman is on hand to help you secure that pilot job you've always dreamed of.

Learn about Flight School Wingman, on hand to help you with your flight school application, airline assessment or airline interview.

Our Mission

To help all current and aspiring pilots maximise their potential and achieve their dream pilot job!

Flying a Path to Excellence Since 2016

Flight School Wingman is dedicated to propelling all aspiring pilots to achieve their aviation ambitions. With an impressive track record, we’ve guided over 1500 pilots through flight school applications, airline assessments, and military assessments. Our commitment to your success is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

‘Techniques Not Tip Offs!’

Traditional approaches to recruitment preparation relied on insider information and rehearsed answers. Our approach, ‘Techniques Not Tip Offs,’ is a specialised strategy crafted to enhance your core competencies. This proven technique equips you to shine during any selection process, ensuring a more effective and ethical preparation journey

Future Pilots, One Destination: Success

Whether you’re an aspiring airline or military pilot, Flight School Wingman is your steadfast support system. From day one of journey to your dream pilot role, we’re here to empower your success.

Unparalleled Success Rates

Did you know? We estimate that a mere 10-20% of candidates secure job offers from start to finish and for airline cadetship schemes, this figure can be as low as 1%. Our cutting-edge insights into evidence-based assessment practices give you a competitive edge in the dynamic pilot job market and will help to improve your chances of a successful application and assessment.

“Flight School Wingman has always been more than a business for me. It’s a community of aviators determined to support each other. When the notification comes from another client that they have secured their dream job, it’s great to know that Flight School Wingman played a small, but essential part in their pilot journey. It fills me with immense pride and reaffirms the heart of our mission.” 

Andrew Neofytou, Founder of Flight School Wingman

Our Founder: Wingman Andrew

Meet Andrew Neofytou, the driving force behind Flight School Wingman and Flight Deck Wingman. As a former Royal Navy fast-jet pilot with over 10,000 hours of flight time, Andrew’s expertise spans from the Sea Harrier ‘Jump-jet’ to the Airbus A320, Boeing 787 and more… A true aviation enthusiast, Andrew’s passion for flying remains unbridled. Beyond the cockpit, you might catch him competing in national gliding competitions or catching some windsurfing waves!

Our Values: Guiding Principles for Excellence

Wingman Spirit

We're your ‘Wingman’, valuing each individual’s journey.

Tailored Training

Recognising diverse learning styles, our training fits you.

Excellence Focused

Our commitment to professionalism fuels success.

Ethical Approach

We never share information on internal processes.

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