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We are expert at helping future pilots achieve success during their Flight School or airline sponsorship assessments e.g. the Speedbird Pilot Academy, TUI MPL or Aer Lingus schemes. We understand that this can be a daunting prospect for any aspiring airline pilot. That’s why we have produced our extensive eBooks to help you prepare for all stages of the application and assessment process. Did you know… we have a 100% success rate for students passing their Flight School Assessments with Skyborne, CAE, L3, Leading Edge, Aeros, ACS Flight Training and more!

Techniques Not tip Offs! This online eBook is packed full of our trusted “Techniques” and easy to use frameworks with examples, that you can use at all stages of any Flight School or airline sponsorship selection journey.

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Interview & Group Exercise Preparation eBook £39.99

Train to Prepare! It’s vitally important to be prepared for any assessment process, that’s why we have condensed all of the awesome Flight Deck Wingman techniques into an online eBook packed full of easy to use frameworks and examples to ace any airline cadetship, flight school or sponsorship assessment process!

Our eBook is packed full of easy to follow frameworks to ace any pilot interview and group exercise. Totalling more than 75 pages, the eBook looks at the following areas:

  • Introduction to an airline cadetship, flight school or scholarship assessment process.
  • How to evidence competencies during the selection process.
  • Group Discussion Exercise easy to follow frameworks on how to succeed.
  • Interview Techniques and training, with example answers and easy to follow frameworks.
  • A vast annex of interview questions.
  • Delivery online PDF within 48 hours.

Group Training Days

Check out our Flight School Assessment Prep Training Days for more details. In summary, you will receive in-depth training and assessment in the following areas:

  • Pilot Aptitude Testing
  • Training in vital assessment competencies
  • Group Discussion Exercise
  • Group Problem Solving Exercise
  • Interview

Online Training Courses

Check out our Online Flight School Interview and Group Exercise Assessment Prep Services for more details. Split over two sessions totalling 4 hours, this highly effective training mirrors the content delivered on our day courses and is followed by a mock interview and Q&A session – all delivered on a one-to-one basis. This online training also comes with a free copy of our Interview & Group Exercise eBook.

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CV & Covering Letter eBook £39.99

Get your application noticed! Taking the time to create a bespoke application can make a fundamental difference in standing out against the competition. This eBook contains some important information to ensure that your application for your cadetship scheme, flight school or scholarship is the best that it can possibly be.

Our eBook¹ is packed full of useful information that will help your Pilot CV & Cover Letter stand out – for all the right reasons!

Pilot CV’s

  • Creating a visually impactful CV
  • Layout discussion including word processing video tutorial link
  • Discussion on the importance of understanding your target company
  • Inclusion of the correct personal details
  • How to highlight your flight hours and qualifications effectively
  • How to write a powerful profile statement

…and more!

Pilot Covering Letters

  • The purpose of a covering letter
  • Structure of a covering letter
  • How to create a visually impactful Covering Letter
    Layout discussion

…and more!

¹ Please note that the eBook is delivered as a non-printable or editable PDF.

CV Feedback Service

Check out our CV Feedback Service for more details. Most airline cadetship, flight school or other sponsorship/scholarship processes will require you to submit a CV. We estimate the approximately 70% of candidates are filtered out as a result of a poor CV. You may never have created a CV, or have limited knowledge of what makes a CV effective. Flight School Wingman can help with your pilot CV!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Flight School Assessment Prep eBook really help?

100%! We have spent years adding and refining our training techniques to ensure that every part of this eBook is impactful and will help you on the path to success with any Flight School or Sponsorship assessment process.

To comprehensively prepare for any assessment process, we strongly recommend that you invest in some training with Flight School Wingman by taking part in our Flight School Assessment Prep Training Days. You can learn more about our training courses here.

Pssst…. If you choose our Online Flight School Assessment Prep course, then you will receive a copy of the eBook entirely for free!

There sure is! We recommend that you check out our Future Airline Pilot Skills Assessment, which you can learn more about here. It’s an awesome way to check out if you have what it takes to be a future Captain of a modern day airliner!

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